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We provide a single-source solution for all your production needs.

Enkatek Company; with nearly twenty years of sectoral experience, allocates 90% of its capacity to making plastic injection molds. Adopting the end-to-end service principle, it evaluates the entire process from start to finish as a whole and has both the human resources and machine equipment to respond to all needs related to processes such as design, analysis, and testing within its own structure. It is a leading supplier in its region. 70% of the molds it manufactures are exported, providing foreign currency input to the national economy.

Our Values;

  • Human Life
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Education and Team Spirit
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Environmental and Occupational Safety
Affordable Price Guarantee

We have researched the cheapest and highest quality products for you. You can learn what factors affect the prices by clicking here.




Quality Management

We commit to producing parts within the tolerances you require, utilizing a Quality Management System with CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and the correct control equipment.




Professional Team

Each of our employees is an experienced specialist in their field. We are at your service with our experienced and expert staff.




Excellent Results

In your design and manufacturing processes, we produce your parts in the highest quality with perfect planning.




High Quality, Flawless Service with 5-Axis CNC.

Using high-quality materials, we ensure the flawless production of your products. Unlike our competitors, we believe that quality is an indispensable part of your manufacturing and the sole element of sustainable cooperation.

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